Russell Bond

From the time I was given my first camera, my father's Canon AE-1 (film SLR), I have loved recording meaningful images.  To capture what exists in every day life in its best light is a documentary photographer's primary responsibility.  I have shot landscapes and action but my real passion is people and the unguarded moments that connect us.

As I am also an airline pilot, my schedule doesn't lend itself to big production type work (weddings etc.) I'm sorry to say.  

I most enjoy small, intimate shoots with families, businesses and events that require a personal connection and true professionalism.  


The best images are made with the camera in the moment, not in a computer after the shoot.  Hence I don't over process my work or use a lot of props for affect.  I love shooting with small cameras with superb lenses.  My Leica M fits this bill perfectly and always generates conversation.  This discrete, beautiful camera allows me to go unnoticed at an event and make real connections when shooting portraiture.